Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Statement

At Storm’s Edge Therapy, we are attempting to stay up to date with the developments around the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the current NHS and UK government guidance on how to keep ourselves and each other safe.

We will only be offering virtual sessions until further notice. We feel this is the best way in which to comply with the current advice to avoid social contact and public transport where possible as well as in support of the collective action towards working together to save vulnerable lives.

Schedule of Fees

The Virtual Therapy Clinic is conducted from Monday to Thursday between 1:30 and 8pm GMT. Sessions are a standard therapeutic 50 minutes and cost £100.

  • The following option are available:
    • Audio call: Phone or WhatsApp
    • Video call: WhatsApp Video, Skype or Zoom

Please note that once the call to social distancing has passed we will return to standard practice and fee structure as outlined below.

Post Crisis Standard Fee Structure

Our standard fee for a 50 minute Therapy or Coaching Session is £120.00.
Fees are paid online using your own client portal before each session. We have a strict 7 day notice period for cancelations or rescheduling. 

Private Insurance sets their own fee, but you will be responsible for the payment should they require you to pay your excess first and when their number of sessions ends.

We do not have concession rates, but rather keep our general rate low for everyone. According to our research, other similar services charge a significantly higher fee.

The practice is on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Usually, we would meet at the same time each week in person.

If there is not currently a regular time available, there is usually space for a first meeting to assess your needs and if your service is good match for you. It is crucial to ensure that our expectations are well aligned and that you feel we could build an effective working relationship.

We will then let you know as soon as a regular time becomes available. Historically, waiting for a time to become available can take several weeks, depending on your flexibility.

Variations on Session Schedule:

We offer Virtual Sessions on a Tuesday afternoon and evening at £100 for 50 minutes.

This is primarily used by clients that need one of our specialist areas, but are outside of London, UK, or are unable to travel due to physical or mental health difficulties.

The online clinic is conducted on Tuesdays between 2pm and 8pm GMT. 

In addition, when necessary and appropriate we can arrange remote sessions if you cannot attend your regular face to face session in person. This needs to be agreed in advance with your therapist.

This contingency option used to good effect by clients who travel frequently or during periods of illness or symptom relapse.

Should we need longer sessions a different fee will be quoted.