Book a Virtual Appointment

At Storm’s Edge Therapy, we are attempting to stay up to date with the developments around the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the current NHS and UK government guidance on how to keep ourselves and each other safe.

  • Following the current advice to avoid social contact and public transport where possible as well as in support of the collective action towards working together to save vulnerable lives, we will only be offering virtual sessions until further notice.
  • The Prime Minister has set a time frame for controlling the spread of the virus at 12 weeks. We have decided to commit to the social distancing and virtual therapy until the end of April, unless there is a significant change in circumstance. Before the end of April, we will release an updated plan of action. It is possible that we continue to provide sessions remotely for 12 weeks. However, as the current situation is changing on a daily basis, we will wait for the picture to clarify before making longer reaching plans.
  • We are determined to return to in person session as soon as it is medically and ethically appropriate.

How Will We Work

  • We have offered remote therapy for a number of years now, using both audio and video resources. There is a well established expertise in the developing field of virtual therapy with which we have being actively engaging. We are following the British Psychological Society’s recent guidance on remote therapy published in response to the escalating need to avoid personal contact.
  • Many clients have already had sessions over the phone or skype due to self-isolation as well as other travel or medical circumstances over the years. For those who haven’t, over the next weeks will work out the best option for you.
  • The following option are available:
    • Audio call: Phone or WhatsApp on 07756773797
    • Video call: WhatsApp Video (07756773797), Skype (kael.cockcroft) or Zoom (
  • Other than the use of technology we will continue to work together in the same way addressing the your difficulties. The Therapy does not change; we are doing all we can to create as much stability and consistency in this time of dramatic change and confusion.

Make a Booking

See below to review our upcoming availability. You will ask for your contact details and be offered the option of paying online or 'pay later' including card, cash or bank transfer on the day of your session. You will then be sent an email confirmation with venue and payment details as well as the name of the therapist that you will see. These appointments will be available to review on our own portal for registered users. Creating an account with your first booking allows you to login, pay for upcoming appointments, amend or cancel appointments up to 8 days prior to each appointment date.

At your assessment session, you will discuss and agree whether it would be beneficial to come and see us regularly and for what period of time.

No Appointments?

If there are no available appointments at this time, please use our contact form to be placed on our waiting list for an available appointment.

Health Insurance Paying?

We currently acept AXA, BUPA, Aviva and Vitality Health referrals. If you've got a referral or an agreement from your health insurance they will pay for sessions, please book appointments marked 'Private Insurance Funding'.

We ask for card details to secure the booking, but you will not be charged directly. We will ask for your reference number and insurer to process the payment with them.