Our Services

Our Services

Coaching and Therapy aims to support your needs during the times when you need something extra; when a change is needed. We help people with a wide range of psychological and emotional struggles integrating therapy approaches that work for you. This can be short-term needing a little direction or help thinking through a problem, to dealing with a loss or depression, help with worry or anxieties, to managing a difficult time within your relationship or work. If you are seeking support for anything not listed below, please get in touch and a therapist will get back to you to discuss your needs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Statement

At Storm’s Edge Therapy we are attempting to stay up to date with the developments around the COVID-19 and the current NHS and UK government guidance on how to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Current Structure:

Kael's Clinics: Monday & Wednesday afternoons and evenings at Coldbath Square with ongoing virtual therapy still taking place on Tuesdays & Thursday.

Alecia's Clinics: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday virtual sessions in the mornings and afternoons.

Where there is the option of attending your sessions in person, this is your choice. You are welcome to opt for a virtual session for your safety or if showing symptoms.

Please follow guidance when physically attending our venue to remain COVID-19 Secure. You will be expected to keep social distancing, wear a mask and remain outside the building until 2 minutes prior to the start time of our session starting. Also, be advised that your contact details may need to be provided to the NHS contact tracing process.

Personality disorders
Borderline, Antisocial, Dependent, Avoidant and Narcissistic Personalities
Gender & Sexuality
including gender identity, acceptance, reassignment, fertility and sexual issues
Relationship issues
including loss, break up, bereavement, loneliness, family issues & carer support
Mental health issues
inc. psychosis (drug induced or organic), paranoia, strange experiences or thoughts
Behavioural problems
including anger, self harm, irritability, impulsivity, risky behaviour or addiction
Personal development
including mid-life crisis, loss of direction, identity issues, low self esteem, feeling empty or lost

Specialist support for exceptional individuals

We pride ourselves on understanding the specific challenges and helping creative, driven and unique individuals through tailored therapy and coaching: