COVID-19 Response

At Storm’s Edge Therapy we are attempting to stay up to date with COVID-19 safety guidance. In response, we are only offering virtual appointments.

Virtual Clinic:

Kael: Monday to Thursday - 1pm to 8pm

Alecia: Monday to Wednesday - 11am to 7pm & Saturday 2pm to 4pm

How Will We Work

  • We have offered remote therapy for a number of years now, using both audio and video resources. There is a well established expertise in the developing field of virtual therapy with which we have being actively engaging. We are following the British Psychological Society’s recent guidance on remote therapy published in response to the escalating need to avoid personal contact.
  • Many clients have already had sessions over the phone or skype due to self-isolation as well as other travel or medical circumstances over the years. For those who haven’t, over the next weeks will work out the best option for you.
  • The following option are available:
    • Audio call: Phone or WhatsApp 
    • Video call: Zoom, WhatsApp Video, FaceTime, Skype or Google Duo.
  • Other than the use of technology we will continue to work together in the same way addressing the your difficulties. The Therapy does not change; we are doing all we can to create as much stability and consistency in this time of dramatic change and confusion.