How We Work:

We are currently only offering virtual therapy appointments.

During our first meeting will be to look at your history and needs/goals/expectations to see what will work best in your specific case.

Our approach is to start with immediate crisis management treating symptoms to stabilise the functioning and reduce distress. This is followed by a formulation of your particular needs and planning ahead.

The meeting will be with the person/s needing support; that is those suffering or a family member that wants to know how to support them. It is essential that couples sessions need to include both parties in each weekly session. It is not possible to change clients during a process; from carer to sufferer or change partners.

The first meeting is to assess the issue and their needs to develop an individualised approach. If we decided to work together, we usually agree to a further 3 sessions to see if we work well together. During this review process, we formulate a future plan around the difficulty and what is realistic to achieve.

Usually, we would meet weekly at the same time in person initially, but this can vary as the therapeutic process develops.

If there is not currently a regular time available, there is usually space for a first meeting to assess your needs and if our service is a good match for you. It is crucial to ensure that our expectations are well aligned and that you feel we could build an effective working relationship.

We will then let you know as soon as a regular time becomes available. Historically, waiting for a time to become available can take several weeks, depending on your flexibility.

Emergency Contact:

Storm’s Edge Therapy is a therapeutic service and we do not offer emergency services. Staff are not available at all times and do not respond to after hours contact. For emergencies, please see below a list of telephone numbers if you require urgent care or assistance.

- For an acute psychiatric emergency you should call 999 and ask for the police or ambulance service.

- For a crisis that is not life threatening but urgent you should call 111 or the Samaritans on 116 123.