A Guide to Breaking the Stress Cycle Storm's Edge Therapy

A Guide to Breaking the Stress Cycle

How to Break-through and Break-out, rather than Break-down

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  • Psychological Discussion Group: This is a psychoeducational format with an emphasis on member discussion
  • 6 weekly Zoom meetings of 90 minutes facilitated by 2 Storm’s Edge Psychologists

This group is a 6 week psychotherapy and psychology informed course involving live teaching and group discussion. The aim is to understand the foundations of the stress cycle, identify your triggers, follow a change process and apply this strategy to managing your own stress as well as addressing stressors in your relationships. The goal is to build your capacity in handling difficult elements of your everyday life.

A Guide to Breaking the Stress Cycle Storm's Edge TherapyThe topics covered are:

  • Managing Your Stress: What is Stress and what are your triggers
  • Coping Mechanisms: What are Coping Mechanisms and how to upgrade yours
  • Managing Self: How this leads to better management of your stress
  • Managing Others: How this leads to better management of relationships and social difficulties

Each session will include presentations and tasks with all materials provided.

To find out more about the benefits and formats for group therapy see our introduction page.

Start Date:

22 March 2022


Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm GMT


22 March, 29 March, 5 April, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April

Number of Sessions:

6 (90 minutes on Zoom), plus one individual follow-up session


£480 for all 6 group sessions and 1 individual follow-up consultation
The equivalent cost for individual therapy is £940.
Discount Options:
£450 Early Bird Discount if you book and pay by 14 September
£450 Group Discount for bookings of two or more
£450 Fee for existing clients of Storms Edge Therapy
£450 Referral Programme, get the reduced fee when someone you refer books and pays



Number of group participants:

Minimum of 6, maximum of 12

Closed Group:

Registration closes 1 week prior to the first session (Tuesday, 15 March 2021)

A Guide to Breaking the Stress Cycle Storm's Edge Therapy

Who Should Join This Group

  • Anyone that has an interest or need in improving the management of mental health. This group is not specifically aimed at people with a mental health diagnosis, but rather people that need support and strategies to manage distress and/or dysfunction in their daily lives.
  • A group format is not best for people in crisis, but is helpful with ongoing stress due to poor life strategies
  • You can be in therapy or haven't even started thinking about therapy.
  • You can join if you have a family member that is struggling, but won't seek help for themselves, and so are coming to learn in order to support a friend or family member.

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  • Group to be held at the same time weekly with the expectation that participants attend each session
  • The fee can be paid in instalments, but must be paid in full prior to the final session to receive the individual follow-up consultation and additional resources.
  • Contact us for further information or book below to join this group

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