> Is everything I say confidential?

The contents of sessions are confidential.

We have a duty to report when a client is considered to be a danger to themselves or to others. This will be done, whenever possible, in consultation with that client. We also have a duty to report when there is a suspicion that a child is being harmed or could be harmed; this includes emotional distress and neglect not only physical and sexual abuse.

If this should happen, all information shared will be subject to the The Data Protection Act; therefore, the principle of “Need to Know” applies. This means if there is a concern, only the information related directly to that particular issue can be shared and nothing more.

The content of sessions and any notes are kept confidential; aside from the above conditions.

All therapists a legally obliged to take part in supervision. Sessions maybe discussed in supervision making every effort to keep the client’s identity concealed and again only the information related to the issue at hand will be considered. Supervisors are bound by the same confidentially codes and standards as your therapist.