> What will be expected of me during a session?

Intake Session:

During this session you will need to inform your therapist of the issue that has brought you for help, answer some questions about yourself to build context around the issue and ask any questions you might have about therapy or working with Storm’s Edge.

By the end of the session you and your therapist will make a plan for future treatment, or an onward referral, as well as discuss the practicalities of treatment. Please bring any relevant documentation to be discussed (such as referral letters, medical records, previous treatment reports, or any personal documents you’d like to discuss such as diaries, artwork, photographs etc if you would like to share these).

Therapy Session:

After the initial consultation process we should have a treatment direction which is focused and dynamic. We will then progress through a collaborative process of finding greater clarity as well as investigating what helps and what doesn’t.

This can be a difficult process as the topics may be very sensitive and/or not easy to understand. It is normal to feel some reluctance taking some time to build trust in the therapy and to have the courage to engage with painful experiences. Your therapist is there to support you through the process and to keep your moving forward safely.