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The Crossroads of Should and Must: How to Find and Follow Your Passion

Author(s): Ella Luna

This is certainly a book for somebody who doesn’t know their direction, where they belong in the world. However, it is also for anybody that feels they have a greater contribution to make than the impact of their current lives. In particular, if you feel stuck and know that there is more to you and for you.

The book gives example after example of practical ideas to aid your journey to discover what you "Should" be doing with your days. However, the power of the book is not in a technical how-to manual, but in being emotionally inspiring.

The book starts by explaining the concept of a “Must”: doing things because we think we are supposed to. Then contrasts this with finding the things that we feel that we “Should” be doing, things are important to the nature of who we are as an individual.

The author then looks at the very real and everyday obstacles that most people will find in the journey to finding their unique path; finding time, money and space. Looking at this in relation to existing commitments and expectations of others.

Review by Kael Cockcroft

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