Overcoming Creative Block

For individuals such as Writers, Artists, Designers, Directors and Producers, struggles with maintaining creativity, inspiration and originality can be relentless. The work which got you so much praise in the past could become stale, repetitive and ‘unoriginal’, or you might simply be unable to produce work and get inspired by your next project. Sometimes there are issues or demands coming from your everyday life that have become barriers between you are your creativity; relationship strain, financial stress, difficulty coping, or even the weight of your own success.

We thrive on affection, attention and connection with others, but many struggle with the fear of rejection and criticism which may stop them from producing or sharing work with others. If the thought of your next project fills you with dread instead of excitement, there may be underlying causes which you can overcome to be free of the opinion and approval of others.

It might be difficult for others to understand why someone who seems to have so much potential still feels inadequate, empty, depressed or unsatisfied. These may be feelings and thoughts that you just can’t share with anyone, or maybe you have tried different support which didn’t attend to the root of the issue. If you’re struggling in life or creatively, get in touch.


For writers and artists, there comes a time when your creativity is stunted, your muse is lost, and your passion and drive to produce the work you're capable of is simply missing. This might be a result of agents and editors trying to direct your work to be more commercial or a reflection of other circumstances in your life.

If you're not achieving your potential, we can help you understand the underlying causes.


To produce something that is good, honest and fresh you need the creative space to be free and focused. Not only are there times when life seems determined to get in the way of your process, but there are also times when you are your own biggest block. To create something new, you need space in your own head for your unique process to happen. When you're thinking is filled with struggles working becomes a burden, or even impossible, rather than exciting and meaningful. Let us help with personal, emotional, relational strains so that you can get back to your passion.

At Storm's Edge we understand that the power and drive of the internal struggle is where the creative energy is born. The therapy is aimed at working with what you need to thrive and create, to get you back into your process.

Directors and Producers

There is a great deal of pressure for directors and producers both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. For the talent there is a rhythm of peaks and troughs with times when they can get on with their lives or focus on their contained part of the production. For those with the bigger picture on their shoulders, the demands can be relentless and multi-faceted. It is as important for you to keep your creative edge as it is for the stars, but you also need to watch the budgets, deadlines, media.