Centre Stage, In the Spotlight

For Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Dancers and those creative individuals who have to perform at their best at all times, the challenges can be extreme, unique and rather difficult for others to understand. It can be a struggle to keep a hold of your artistic vision, career direction and sometimes even what's important to you as a person under all the pressures from agents, directors, budgets and the media. We offer a place away from it all, for you to think, to feel, to plan, to hope, to reflect and maybe even to heal.

As a performer you live the creative struggle; the demons inside drive your inspiration and passion all the while threatening to consume you. The watchers praise you for honestly representing the inner world they can't speak, then attack you mercilessly when you stumble.

The challenges can be intense for anyone, particularly for those already dealing with issues of identity and meaning. Many feel they are incomplete, and exposed unless they take on a professional identity and persona. Others find that without constant praise and attention they feel worthless, and their past achievements have no meaning. Some struggle with maintaining relationships and relating to others in a real way, as well as navigating the dynamics of fans and admirers.

It might be difficult for others to understand why someone who seems to have so much may still feel empty, lonely, depressed or unsatisfied. These may be feelings and thoughts that you just can't share with anyone, or maybe you've tried different strategies which didn't attend to the root of the issue. Either way, if you feel we can help you, please get in touch.


Not only do you have to deal with audition pressures, constant rejection and lack of validation, you then have to perform at your best, face reviews, criticism and intense work pressures which often cause relationship strain.

Many actors develop issues relating to their appearance, getting older and navigating a social world which treats you like a commodity.


For musicians, hours of practice, the daily pressure to compromise on your voice and vision in favour of commercial sales can be extreme.

Dealing with long hours on the road and on stage, the temptation to use drugs and alcohol to manage your energy, mood or inspiration are always present. 


For dancers, perfectionism and presentation are daily drivers for everything you do. You've worked so hard towards your dreams, but the years your body will be able to maintain the physical effort are limited.

Constant threat of injury which could end your career in an instance leads to anxiety followed by crisis of confidence and identity if this should happen. 


Many comedians choose this career path as they have developed a defensive mechanism of using humour to protect their real feelings and thoughts. Many use the stage as a therapeutic process of telling others about their experiences in a way which leaves them less vulnerable.

If you struggle to express your emotions and relate to people off stage, we may be able to help.