Supporting Campaigners & Activists 

Campaigners and activists are passionate people, but this drive can come at a cost. If you will stop at nothing to achieve a goal, chances are this focus is affecting your relationships and any pursuits outside of your activist objectives. The issues of today are vitally important, but so are you. It doesn't need to be an either/or dynamic.

If recent political upheaval has left you disillusioned and disheartened, and you can't find the strength you had to fight for the greater good when the action does not seem to translate into results - do not give up.

People often struggle to deal with the existential depression of getting crushed by powerful forces beyond their control. But if all activists give up, the fight is lost. We pride ourselves on helping passionate individuals find the strength and focus to change things for the better. Whether your passion is starting to consume the rest of your life or you've lost all ambition and feeling of control, if you feel we can help you, please get in touch

Political Campaigners

This is a time of great turmoil, uncertainty and anger in British politics, echoed across the globe. The rising of nationalist, internally facing politics has left many disillusioned. Feeling powerless and lost about where they fit, and whether their vote, voice or political activity matters.

Whether you're joining the movement to reinvent British politics, or simply struggling to deal with the consequences the recent political shifts have had on you personally, we're here to help you reflect, deal and look ahead.

Human Rights Activists

For anyone who has witnessed first-hand injustice, pain and suffering, the impact on your mental state can be intense. Trauma responses and the fixation on restoring a sense of justice to the world are common responses that can consume your life.

Some struggle to value anything in their lives after such an intense experience, start re-evaluating their future, or even lose hope altogether when continued efforts fail.

Animal Rights Activists

Waking up to the reality of factory farming can be shocking and all consuming for many. Seeing images of pain and suffering on a daily basis, reflecting on the scale of the industries of exploitation and navigating the use of animal products in almost everything you eat, wear or use can cause severe distress. You might even feel like your efforts will not make a significant difference as the scale of the problem is so extreme.

Many animal rights activists struggle to process their burning anger, deep compassion and emphatic pain; leading to extreme relationship clashes with anyone who does not yet share their views and ideology. Understanding how others cope and see the world around them can help many to maintain relationships and build resilience for campaigning long term.

Living Consciously

This is a wonderful time to be alive with so many people awaking and engaging in uplifting gatherings; from starting the day with Morning Gloryville and ending with a sacred cacao ceremony. But being conscious also means waking up to the horrors of today; both in our everyday lives and the broader world around us. While your response to our collective struggles is to open your heart and to add your energy our evolution; others try to bury themselves deeper in avoidance. They might even react with anger or hate to what you represent; being open to problems for which they can't imagine a solution. So despite the beauty of being part of the conscious movement, it can come with difficulties relating to the rest of society and to find your personal way of expressing your gifts for the greater and greatest benefit