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Coaching and Therapy aims to support your needs during the times when you need something extra; when a change is needed. We help people with a wide range of psychological and emotional struggles integrating therapy approaches that work for you. This can be short-term needing a little direction or help thinking through a problem, to dealing with a loss or depression, help with worry or anxieties, to managing a difficult time within your relationship or work.

At Storm’s Edge Therapy we are attempting to stay up to date with COVID-19 safety guidance. In response, we are only offering therapy as virtually.


Most people have felt sad or low at times; this can be a normal reaction to loss, life's struggles or an injured self-esteem. Depression is when these low or empty feelings are too intense for too long and don’t seem to be shifting, when feelings of intense sadness, helplessness, hopelessness or even worthlessness lasts for days to weeks.


Anxiety is when you feel worried or restless due to your nervous system being over-active without being able to resolve the situation immediately. If you are in a difficult or dangerous situation, these feelings can give you an awareness of the risks and what you need to do. But sometimes the feelings can be overwhelming and stop you being able to act effectively.

Disorders of Personality

We offer a service for people who struggle to function effectively and/or are always plagued by distress. People that have ongoing struggles have some part of their personality that is poorly adapted to their lifestyle, whether that’s in relationships, work, getting organised, being happy and content, settling into a routine, coping with daily stressors, finances, managing your mood and/or anger, etc.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Personality disorders are long standing patterns of inner experience and behaviour that are markedly different from what is expected by the person’s culture. These patterns are inflexible and pervasive across many situations. The onset of the pattern can be traced back at least to the beginning of adulthood, usually earlier.

Gifted & Talented

For gifted and talented adults, either those with especially high intelligence or a unique and advanced talent, the struggles are often hidden and misunderstood. It's hard for someone who is unfamiliar with the intense drive and focus of gifted individuals to fully understand your direction and your barriers.

Artists & Writers

For individuals such as Writers, Artists, Designers, Directors and Producers, struggles with maintaining creativity, inspiration and originality can be relentless. The work which got you so much praise in the past could become stale, repetitive and 'unoriginal', or you might simply be unable to produce work and get inspired by your next project.

Carers & Partners

Supporting someone with difficulties so often goes largely unrecognised in society. Carers are the unsung heroes of the mental and physical health system; dealing with ups and downs on a daily basis. Not for pay or recognition, but love, duty and respect for the human needs of their friends and family.

Campaigners & Activists

Campaigners and activists are passionate people, but this drive can come at a cost. If you will stop at nothing to achieve a goal, chances are this focus is affecting your relationships and any pursuits outside of your activist objectives. The issues of today are vitally important, but so are you. It doesn't need to be an either/or dynamic.

Support for performers

For Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Dancers and those creative individuals who have to perform at their best at all times, the challenges can be extreme, unique and rather difficult for others to understand. It can be a struggle to keep a hold of your artistic vision, career direction and sometimes even what's important to you as a person under all the pressures.

Crisis of Faith

Often times people can lose faith in their religious beliefs and that God exists, which can leave them feeling confused and distressed. This can result in you questioning who you are, what the meaning of life is...