Personality Disorders


Borderline Personality Disorder in the Media

Many of my clients are devastated at the very suggestion that they have a mental health diagnosis, especially one as notorious as Borderline Personality Disorder. I […]

Myths and Misunderstandings about Self-Harm

Myth 1: People who self-harm are attempting suicide Fact: Self-harm is most often used as a way to keep living despite experiencing emotional distress, rather than […]

Is Mindfulness Useful in Therapy?

What is Mindfulness? Currently, this fashionable catchphrase is everywhere and promoted as the cure for everything from improving your relationship to weight loss. So what is […]

What is a Personality Disorder?

Distress, Dysfunction, Danger A person has a disorder of their personality when they don’t feel safe and secure in the world; they do not assume their […]